In an age of mass production, where property developments are often churned out as hastily, and cheaply, as possible in a bid to maximise profits, one Western Cape property developer has taken an entirely different stance and is developing luxurious bespoke buildings which offer living spaces that are works of art.

Da’Realty established its presence in the Western Cape three years ago when founding President Ahsan Darvesh fell in love with the beauty of Cape Town whilst studying for his MBA here, and made the decision to open a South African division of this family owned property development company, which is part of the internationally renowned Darvesh family.

Ahsan, who has a deep and abiding passion for art and beauty – particularly in nature - advises that whilst Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities he has ever spent time in, he found that the architecture was not in keeping with this. Da’Realty, who have undertaken to turn property development into an art form, have committed to producing buildings which are of a calibre not yet seen in Cape Town, or indeed South Africa.

The Da’Realty team in South Africa is a boutique firm of experts in their fields who are very hands on in each project. Chief Operating Officer, Lily Eskandari, who is a highly experienced interior architect, personally handles all the quality control and ensures that every feature of each project is in keeping with the standards expected from this level of luxury. Eskandari explains that the firm works with artisans from all over the world in all of their developments – each one in themselves an artist in their respective trade who work together to create buildings which focus on the essence of luxury in every possible aspect.

In addition to the purchase and redevelopment of the Ambassador Hotel, Da’Realty is also developing luxury residential hanging garden villas in Clifton called Azalea. Most recently the company purchased the Adelphi Centre in Sea Point Main Road, which will be redeveloped into an opulent retail experience unlike anything seen in the Western Cape and renamed Artem.

No. 1, First Floor, ARTEM, 277 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
Contact Number 021 202 2274
Email da.darealty@darvesh.com
Website darealty.com